About Us

So…who are we?


Ryan and Leah in the Domaine de Fontsainte cellar in Boutenac, France ~ June, 2013

We have both always been avid travelers, including trips to Europe, South American, New Zealand and more. We made a commitment to take an international trip every five years for our anniversary. After honeymooning in Italy we decided to focus our 5th anniversary on wine. So, in 2006, we took  a trip to Portugal and the Douro Valley…with Portugal being the choice simply because we didn’t know anyone who had been there. What developed from that trip was a love and appreciation of wine as well as the beginning of a deep study into the world of wine. Since 2006 we have continued to visit vineyards and winemakers throughout the US, France, and Spain, and are very fortunate that our plan to travel every five years has turned into a yearly adventure.

These trips combine our favorite things: travel, wine, great food, photography, adventure, and time with each other.

As wine lovers we also search for events in and around Chattanooga and know that others are searching for the same. And thus Chatt Wine was born as a place to list wine events that are open to the public for those who want to taste, learn about, or simply enjoy wine.


~ Ryan and Leah Meulemans


Leah with Jean-Claude Mitanchey and his son, Arnaud, at Domaine Saint Marc in Burgundy, France.

* The image at the top of the page shows Ryan and Claire Laval studying the leaves in her vineyards at Château Gombaude-Guillot in Pomerol, Bordeaux.

Also check out our other blog The International Vegetarian – developed for those who love to experience traditional foods when they travel while maintaining their vegetarian and pescatarian lifestyle.


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