Cantine Valpane Rosa Ruske

Cantine Valpane makes many varietals of wine and I intend to try them all.  I decided to start with the Rosa Ruske which is the Italian varietal Ruche which I have never had.

• Fermentation takes place in cement tanks and lasts 23 days
• Aged in cement tanks from end of vinification until February 2013 (for 2011 vintage)
• The name “Ruske” (roo-SKAY), is a combination of the grape name Ruchè, and Ruschena, the last name of Pietro’s cousin who owns the vineyard.

I found this wine to be very interesting and fun to taste and enjoy. The wine is very rustic, with many earth notes, barnyard, good funk, wet stone and dark fruits. The wine has a nice palate of dark fruits and spices with med plus tannins and pretty dry. I really enjoyed this wine, at first it is very earthy and rustic, in time it opened up and balanced a bit more between the earth and the fruit. I saved one nice sized glass for the next night, the wine changed once again. It mellowed out a bit, with more fruit and spice and less of the good funk.  Fun wine, looking forward to trying the other varietals from this producer.



Chatt Wine Rating (1-10) – 7

Region – Piedmont, Italy

Varietal – Ruche

Importer – Kermit Lynch

Vineyard/Producer –  Cantine Valpane, Pietro Arditi

Purchased From – Riverside Wine, Chattanooga TN


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