Chatt Wine News Jan 8th

Friday tasting at The Wine Shop from 4-8pm highlights Black Stallion Estate’s Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (a Napa Cab for a great price) as well as a Chardonnay & Marsanne/Roussanne blend from Qupé Winery in Santa Barbara – a winery focusing on varietals of Rhône. Save 20% off these wines and 10% off every bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Looks like 212 Market Restaurant is doing a bubbly tasting at the end of the month.

Looking into the future..plotting US wine trends for 2015.

Here is a complete introduction to the wines of Italy from Vine Pair. The map is awesome, love it.

So did you kinda over do it on food and drink the last month? Here’s Vine Pairs thoughts on that new year detox. And another I found very interesting, looks like my week of non drinking was only a real break for my wallet.  😉

2014 wine vintage review, notes on major wine regions around the world.

Wine phrases and what they mean in plain English from Vine Pair.

Are you born with a great wine palate or can it be acquired?

If your a football fan this is one of the best times of the year, here’s some beer and wine to enjoy the games like a pro.

Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine with these beautiful images of Vineyards in winter.

Here are a few recent wine reviews.

Chatt Wine keeps a list of all the weekly wine specials around Chattanooga that we know of. Please let us know if we’re missing something.

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