2013 Pierre Ragon Quincy Domaine Trotereau

I love wine from the Loire Valley in France, and it’s certainly one of my favorites for whites especially Sav Blanc’s.  I had never had a wine from the Loire appellation of Quincy so I was especially excited to try this one (I have now enjoyed probably 8 bottles of this gem). In the glass the wine is bright and clear with a light gold straw color.  I found the wine to have classic Sauvignon Blanc nose of  light citrus fruit, lemon zest, and some light white floral notes.  The wine had the taste of light citrus fruit, light subtle minerality and a nice acidity and balance.  Overall I would describe this wine as clean, bright, and really pleasant to drink, I enjoyed it a lot. ( I can’t get enough of it ) 😉


Chatt Wine Rating (1-10) – 9

Region – Quincy, Loire Valley France

Varietal – Sauvignon Blanc

Importer – Kermit Lynch

Vineyard/Producer –  Pierre Ragon, Domaine Trotereau

Purchased From – Riverside Wine, Chattanooga TN






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