Chatt Wine News Dec 5th

The Wine Shop will be featuring sparkling wines for 10% off this week! Come to tastings Friday and Saturday to learn more about the different styles. Friday will be Prosecco’s, and Saturday will be a blind sparkling wine tasting for MainX24.

California’s wine country is finally getting some much-needed rain and relief from drought.

Looking for a gift for a wine lover….or better yet maybe you should put one of these wine books on your gift list.

Wine that’s easy like a Sunday morning.

With the holiday season upon us there will be lots of bottles of bubbly popping….learn how sparkling wine is made in this Vine Pair article.

Stuck in a rut drinking the same ole’ wines? Here is a list of 10 rare grape varietals that would be fun to try.

I tried a new “to me” varietal this week Grignolino, from the Piedmont region in Italy.  I’ll be looking for more of this around Chattanooga wine shops.

I found two really good wines in the past week that are at a really nice price….here are two reviews I did on those wines.

  • Here is a review on a Rioja Crianza I tried at a recent wine tasting at Riverside Wine….I really enjoyed a bottle of it this past weekend. $14 at Riverside Wine.
  • Here’s a wine review I did on a really great French wine from the Cotes De Gascogne. You can pick this wine up at The Wine Shop for $9.99….yes your read that right.  It’s probably the best wine I’ve ever had that’s under $10.

Gran Reserva, Reserva, Crianza, and Rioja are the classifications of Rioja wines… more about it in this informative Wine Folly article.

Chatt Wine keeps a list of all the weekly wine specials around Chattanooga that we know of. Please let us know if we’re missing something.

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