La Conreria d’Scala Dei Priorat Black Slate Escaladei 2011

The inspiration for the Black Slate Project is a Burgundian concept of village nomenclature, applied to the Priorat. One region, nine historic villages, each with its distinct character but all unmistakably Priorat. Sun scorched vines cling to breathtakingly steep hillsides with their roots deeply plunged in the llicorella soils of this pristine, ancient region.

The village of Escaladei is in the heart of the Priorat and the most prominent of the region.  It is home to some of the most broad and robust wines of the Priorat DOC.


So I hold Priorat wines to a pretty high standard, they can be really exciting wines with great complexity that tell the story of their stunning environment.  Of all the Priorat wines I have had there always seemed to be a fairly clear standard of you pay for what you get and Priorat wines are not generally cheap. Usually I found the more budget friendly Priorat wines I have tasted over the years left me a bit disappointed and did not hold up to the standard of the region.

So this wine was recommended to us by a wine shop owner who has sold us many other bottles of wines that we had not had before and we were never disappointed.  So when he says give this $25 Priorat a try, it’s a real bargain, you buy a bottle.

In the glass the wine bright translucent ruby, and young appearance as you would expect for 2011. The nose is of dark fruit, dark cherry, spice, tobacco, and some alcohol heat as this wine is 14.5%. The wine tastes of dark cherry, some spice and earth with a heavy weighty mouth feel, med plus tannins and the finish is long and smooth.

Ok so over all this a good wine, but certainly doesnt stand up to higher end Priorat wines, but it costs half to a third of the price. This is probably the best value Priorat I think Ive tasted. So a few thoughts on this one, first it definitely needs to be decanted for an hour at least before drinking. Also this is a 2011 and really way to young to drink anyway for a Priorat, I can see the potential in this wine if it sat another 3-5 years.

Chatt Wine Rating (1-10) – 6

Region – Spain, Catalunya, Priorat

Varietal – 80% Granatcha and 20% Carinena

Vineyard/Producer – Conreria d’Scala Dei

Importer – Eric Solomon Selections, European Cellars

Purchased From – The Artisan wine shop, Black Mtn NC



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