2011 Zerran Montsant

The soils are similar to Priorat with Montsant being a bit more complex with a mixture of slate (llicorella), sandy clay, and chalk. The varietal, Cariñena (Mazuelo), was planted on sandy clay soil; Syrah on chalky

The winery is located near the town of Capcanes next to a nature reserve park. Despite the proximity to the Mediterranean this high location has a high elevation, 500-600 meters (1,500-1,800 ft.) above sea level, and is buffered by a series of mountains: Serra del Llaberia and Serra de Tivissa.

The wine is stainless steel fermented and undergoes malolactic fermentation in barrel. It is then aged for 10 months in premium French oak barrels 2 and 3 years old.


This wine is is deep and dark in color, dark red core and bright ruby rim.  The wine has a nose of spice, leather, pepper, lots of dark fruits and earth.  In your mouth the wine is    big and bold with flavors of dark fruit and spice, the wine has grippy tannins but is really well balanced. This is one of those absolute bargains in wine that drinks at double if not triple it retail price of on average $15. I would highly recommend picking up a few bottles if you see it, easy to spot with its unique colorful label.

The Montsant and Priorat wine region of Spain is the most visually stimulating I have ever personally visited. I was blown away and spent lots of time standing in vineyards looking around saying wow.  I would suggest a trip to this area if you have the chance.


Chatt Wine Rating (1-10) – 8

Region – Montsant, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain

Varietal – Garnacha 50%, Mazuelo 40%, Syrah 10%

Importer – Jorge Ordonez & Co.

Vineyard/Producer – Zerran

Purchased From – This bottle was a gift, but I’ve seen it at various wine shops around the country.

image image



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