Domaine de Piaugier La Grange de Piaugier 2009

The Domaine de Piaugier is situated in the village of Sablet, in the southern Rhône valley. This wine is a Rhone blend of several of the typical varietals the Rhone is known for. I opened this wine and let it decant for about an hour, I’ve often found that Rhone wines could use a little air regardless of the vintage.  The wine has a deep ruby color, dark and showing a bit of rim variation and age. The nose of the wine is dark fruits, spice, leather, and earth ( I get a crushed handful of dried leaves) but whatever. 😉 . The wine has nice balanced fruit in the mouth, with low mineral, overall smooth but with a little bit of tannic grip.

So I started buying this wine a few years ago (2012) when the 2009 vintage was the one on the shelves, at that point it was drinking well, priced really nice ($17), and right before it sold out I bought 6 bottles to have over the next few years. Currently the 2012 vintage is on the shelves, give it a try, if you like it grab a few and let them sit another 2-3 years. I’ve had the 2012 and its good but I do think it would benefit from a little time on the wine rack.

Region – Cotes du Rhone, France

Varietal – Grenache, Carignan, Cinsault, Syrah

Importer – DS Trading Company Imports

Vineyard/Producer – Domaine de Piaugier

Purchased from – Riverside Wine




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