Malbec World Day at TerraMae Wine Tasting

Malbec World Day at TerraMae Wine Tasting – $30.00 per person

April 17, 2014 at 6pm

Mark April 17 on your calendar to celebrate Malbec World Day at TerraMae. A 6 p.m. wine tasting is planned for six Argentine wines featured by Panoram Imports poured in the following order: Laborum Malbec Rosé, Siete Fincas Pinot Noir Rosé, Via Blanca Malbec, Iaccarini Malbec, Iaccarini Bonarda, and Don Nicasio Malbec. The cost is $30 per person, and appetizers will be available.

Every year, around the world, Argentina promotes Malbec World Day in the international media. Though originally from Southwest France, the red Malbec variety is well suited to Argentine soil because of high mineralization in soils resulting from the harsh climate and low nitrogen content. Due to the altitude of the vineyards and proximity to the Andes Mountains, the location is ideal for the cultivation of grapes.


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