Certified Sommelier Tasting Exam

The Certified Sommelier Tasting Exam is used to prepare for the blind tasting portion of the sommelier exams. This tool can be used by everyone to learn about the discriminating components of wine – and to give one a better understanding of what they are drinking.

So, how do you use this? Start at the beginning and go through lines 1-12, selecting the descriptor for each that best fits the wine you are tasting. Through further research, you will begin to learn that certain flavors and aromas are most often found in certain grapes, that the color helps determines the age, etc. In a blind tasting, you use that knowledge to complete lines 13-18. Those final 6 descriptors guide you to your final conclusion – the grape, year, and country of production of your wine and eventually even the region, producer, and vineyard.

The following blog post on Wine Folly  is a great resource when learning the tastes and aromas of grapes and regions: http://winefolly.com/review/identifying-flavors-in-wine/

Access the PDF version of the Tasting Grid here



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